October 2015


For many, leasing a luxury automobile makes terrific financial sense. So don’t undo the benefits by subjecting yourself to otherwise avoidable costs at the end of your lease.

The simple trick is to pretend your lease ends four months before it actually does. Begin the required steps early to allow yourself plenty of time to correct any issues prior to the deadline.

Pre-Inspection – The easiest lease-end charges to avoid are for “excessive wear & tear”. A pre-inspection gives you a chance to address potential fix-its on your own. We can explain the process and make recommendations. Another simple trick is to have your car washed and detailed prior to your actual inspection and be sure all personal belongings are out of the vehicle.

Excess Mileage – There’s not much you can do about excess mileage charges other than stop putting any additional miles on the vehicle. But knowing what you’re facing four months ahead of schedule can prevent rude surprises. For example, if you drive 1,500 miles per month and are facing a 30¢ per excess mile charge, you can decide if there’s a better way to spend an extra $1,800. You might want to considering leasing a new vehicle and parking the current one.

Tires & Wheels – Depending upon the length of your lease, you may want to replace tires a year or two before your lease-end so there’s little chance of being forced to pay for a new set right as you turn-in your leased vehicle. Another issue is “curb rash”, or scuffed wheels, which can often be corrected by a reputable shop.

Financial Planning – You’ll be presented with options at your lease-end, including extending your lease, purchasing the vehicle, or switching into a new vehicle and lease. Again, time is on your side if you plan early. The best way to approach this is to contact a specialist early, who can explain the options, analyze your current lease and terms, and conduct any research that may benefit you. Your Cole European Sales Representative can put you in touch with one of our leasing specialists for an objective look at your situation.

There’s more, but those are the basics. Feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions.

Valarie Stewart
Lease & Finance Manager / Cole European
[email protected]



Race-born pedigree. Everyday practicality.

The F-PACE is a radical reinvention of Jaguar’s powerful-yet-supple lines and aggressive, racing stance. It reflects the evolution of driving, acknowledging that true performance enthusiasts won’t accept compromise, simply to gain cargo space and versatility. Originally known as the Jaguar C-X17 concept car, the F-Pace has been a closely guarded secret for the last couple years.

“Spy pictures” have spread across the Internet, but until recently, no one outside of the Jaguar development team and those overseeing the project have seen the car in detail.

It has been called a “luxury crossover SUV” and Jaguar is comfortable with that description.

Finally, it will be available at Cole European, hopefully by spring of 2016.

Anticipating that Jaguar enthusiasts will vary in what they deem to be more important — performance or luxury — the F-Pace will be offered in six different versions. These versions start with an impressively equipped base level model, then add differing degrees of either performance features, luxury features, or both. Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Prices will range from just over $40,000 to just under $70,000.

All F-Pace models will come with the following as standard:

  • Jaguar Elite Care
  • 5 Years / 60,000 Miles Limited Warranty
  • Complimentary Scheduled Maintenance
  • 24-Hour Roadside Assistance
  • Jaguar InControl Protect and Remote

Perhaps the most compelling element of the Jaguar F-Pace is the suite of technologies that advance the driving experience and keep its passengers seamlessly linked with important digital media.

There’s far too much to discuss about the F-Pace than is reasonable in a short article, but we promised to share more when we first mentioned the new Jaguar in last month’s e-newsletter. Fortunately, we have lots of information and pictures, so we encourage you to swing by Cole European to get a bit more excited about this first-generation Jaguar.

The lines will be long to purchase the first to arrive, so consider allowing us to put you on a short list of current Cole European customers who have shown early interest. That way, we can notify you as we get updates on the arrival of the F-Pace next year.



Flashback to the future.

One of the very common questions we receive from Land Rover enthusiasts is, “when are you going to bring back the Defender?”

Well, it’s hard to say exactly when, but it’s getting even harder to say “if”. All reports indicate that Land Rover could introduce a new line of Defenders as early as 2018.
For those not familiar with the original Defender, [link to continuation] introduced in 1983, it was modeled after the quintessential Land Rover Series launched in 1948. Originally called the Land Rover Ninety and Land Rover One Ten, the Defenders were virtually indistinguishable from the earlier Land Rover Series III, at least to the casual observer. After all, when you master a category — or essentially define it — there’s often not a great need to change it for the sake of fashion. Witness Levi’s 501 jeans and Coca-Cola, epitomes of timeless design and taste.

Wildly popular among a narrow segment of automotive enthusiasts, the Defender withdrew into the shadows a bit during the onslaught of off-road emulators that emerged in the first decade of the 2000’s. Rather than compete though conformity, Land Rover opted to simply stop production. In the minds of off-road purists, however, the Defender never went away. It only became harder to acquire. Designed to endure and built to persevere, they became almost entirely the domain of owners who cherished them for what they are: masterpieces of function over form.

Fast forward five years to present day and Land Rover sees a class of buyers far more educated about what is required to truly be considered an off-road adventure vehicle. And, as a result, the Defender is poised to make its comeback.

It will be exciting to see the Defender reimagined as only Land Rover can do. Cole European eagerly anticipates a vehicle that, at its core, is true to its heritage while incorporating many of the leading edge advancements found in the more comfortably outfitted Land Rover and Range Rover models. Keep in mind, the Defender was a paragon of utility, spartan by design. If Land Rover chooses to add more in the way of creature comforts, it will be because they view them essential in terms of today’s driving perspective.

If you’d like to see a real Land Rover Defender in near perfect condition, Cole European has one in our showroom. We’d be happy to walk you around the vehicle, pointing out features that made it so popular among adventure vehicle purists. Then you can join us in predicting what updates may be headed our way when the next generation of Defenders, currently referenced as the DC100’s, find their way onto America’s driveways, highways, and backroads.



Winter means new challenges.

When temperatures drop, that’s our personal cue to make numerous changes in our lifestyles, beginning with the wardrobe that shields us from the elements.

The impact is even bigger for the mechanical systems of your car. Engine oil, battery condition, tread depth, and a myriad of other items should be changed, or at least checked.


Smart and casual, this eye-catching driver’s jacket incorporates “Ecurie Ecosse” team color quilted lozenge lining and articulated sleeves to maximize driver comfort. The jacket also features branded zipper pulls, and snap and zip closure cuffs to complete the look.

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Have you ever truly inspected “The Cole Collection”? That’s Cole European’s impressive selection of exquisitely maintained pre-owned Jaguars, Land Rover models, and other fine automobiles. If you have, think about the amazingly pristine condition of each vehicle. If you haven’t, we encourage you to do so, just to see how meticulously a true luxury vehicle can be maintained. They’re stunning.


So, the logical question is: how does Cole European find all these vehicles?

Meet Mark Staneart, Manager of the Pre-Owned Vehicle Department. Mark is a master of the art of identifying, verifying, and securing the finest pre-owned luxury vehicles available. Most importantly, he has a refined knack for knowing which features and color combinations Bay Area auto enthusiasts desire.

Mark has been with Cole European for over 13 years. He’s quite the student of the car market, carefully monitoring the ongoing fluctuations in supply and demand, and the resulting changes in market prices. If you are contemplating the sale of your vehicle, be sure to speak with Mark first. He will gladly share his thoughts on what you can do to maximize sale price, and help you evaluate the trade-offs between selling to a private party through classified options such as Craigslist, versus selling directly to a dealership.