November 2015


Not all used cars are created equal. For that reason, not all cars can become “Approved Certified Pre-Owned”.

Under the Jaguar and Land Rover programs, a pre-owned vehicle must first be no more than 5 model-years old and must have under 60,000 miles. It must also meet a list of other stipulations, such as being built for sale in the United States; being free from any warranty restrictions; and cleared of any outstanding service recalls and/or service campaigns.

As importantly, Cole European insists that the vehicle must be mechanically and cosmetically superior to most vehicles of the same age and mileage.

Once a vehicle is deemed qualified for Certification review, the first step is a rigorous 165-point inspection, performed by factory-trained and certified Jaguar or Land Rover Service Technicians. This inspection covers both mechanical and cosmetic issues.

If the vehicle passes this certification process, a thorough check of its history is completed to ensure there are no other issues related to its condition or title. Cole European makes sure a copy of that report is available to prospective buyers prior to purchase.

At that point, the vehicle is serviced and extensively detailed by Cole European, then a factory-backed warranty is granted. That warranty protects the buyer of a Jaguar or Land Rover Approved Certified Vehicle with up to 6 Years or 100,000 miles of limited factory coverage from the date of original purchase, whichever comes first.

Making Jaguar and Land Rover Approved Certified Pre-owned Vehicles even more attractive is a list of additional benefits, added to the coverage to further increase the buyer’s confidence and security:

  • 24/7 Roadside Assistance
  • Transferrable Warranty Status
  • Zero Deductible on All Warrantable Repairs
  • Trip-Interruption Expense Benefits

Cole European has long been an authorized dealer of both Jaguar and Land Rover Approved Certified Pre-owned Vehicles, so we are highly qualified to explain the process in greater detail and answer any questions.

Even for our customers who typically prefer to be the first owner of a vehicle, it’s not uncommon to see them invest in a Certified Pre-owned Jaguar or Land Rover for use at a second home or to send kids off to college. They see it as an opportunity to purchase a superior vehicle at significant savings, yet still have the confidence and convenience of a genuine factory warranty.

We encourage you to review our online inventory of Certified Jaguars and Land Rovers, or visit us for a test drive. You’ll be amazed that these luxury vehicles are so pristine.

Mark Staneart
Pre-Owned Vehicle Manager / Cole European
[email protected]




Off Road with the Top Off.

There’s no question as to the popularity of the Range Rover Evoque. Its nimble size, perfect for more urban settings, has made it a hit with those Range Rover enthusiasts who want a sportier experience in everyday driving.
So Range Rover has responded with the ultimate nod to free spirited adventure, while at the same time bashing conformity: an Evoque convertible.

Recent video footage confirms what had previously only been speculated, i.e. that Land Rover was working on a topless version of one of their exceptional SUV’s. And really, it’s not unprecedented when you consider Land Rover’s heritage and the topless options it’s offered in the past, such as the Defender 110. However, a critical distinction is that this is a true convertible, making it far more approachable for the average driver.

What makes the idea of a Range Rover Evoque convertible so intriguing is that it could be argued that this is more about pure, unadulterated fun than it is about function. And why not? Most SUV’s are chosen for their versatility and ability to travel in comfort, making them the first choice for so many for weekend getaways. Now, Land Rover adds one more option for enjoying weekends on the road: open air driving.

Cole European expects to see the first convertible Evoque models in 2016. But we also expect them to go quickly. If you’re sincerely interested in being among the first to own one, please get in touch with us so we can see what can be done to keep you among the first to know when they arrive.



The Totally Bad Jaguar C-X75

If, as Sir Ben Kingsley once said to promo Jaguar in a James Bond movie, “It’s good to be bad”, then the Jaguar C-X75 concept car is heaven sent.

And, in the new James Bond spectacular, “Spectre”, the villain finally gets to drive a car to rival that of perennial good-guy, Agent 007.

The Jaguar C-X75 first debuted in 2010 as part of a celebration of Jaguar’s 75 years of inspired automotive design. In its current incarnation, it is a hybrid-electric two-seater, producing 778 horsepower with a planned maximum speed of 205 mph. Production was to be limited to 250 C-X75’s globally, with a selling price somewhere between $1.15 and 1.48 Million. Regrettably — but only to 250 people — Jaguar canceled planned production due to “ongoing global economic crisis”. Apparently, British sensibility dictated that releasing a $1M+ supercar was inappropriate under the financial circumstances persisting in so many countries.

Fortunately, we’ll all have the opportunity to enjoy the Jaguar C-X75 as it takes on Bond’s Aston Martin DB10 in “Spectre”. Also fortunate for those of us in the sub-$1M supercar price range is that at least one respected reviewer of fine automobiles has said that the interior of the C-X75 bares a striking resemblance to that of the Jaguar F-Type, a far more approachable sports car, already in production and winning its own fan base.

If you’d like to win tickets to see the new James Bond film, see our ticket giveaway, below. If you’d also like to test drive a Jaguar F-Type, visit us soon; we’d be more than delighted to toss you the keys, Bond-style. If you’d like to drive the C-X75, you’d better devise a diabolical scheme.



Don’t take your tires for granted

It’s so easy to not pay attention to your tires. Yet, literally, everything is riding on them: gas mileage, optimum performance, and, of course, your safety.

Cole European recommends, “take two for your tread”. Once a week, perhaps before your first commute on Mondays, take just a couple minutes to walk around the car and inspect for sidewall damage, proper inflation, tread depth, and uneven tread wear. Problems with your tires can develop gradually, but culminate quickly.


Carry your laptop, essential documents, and anything else your busy life requires in a single messenger bag designed with care to complement any lifestyle. Understated styling — featuring calfskin leather and high grade nylon — meshes beautifully with internal pockets and storage compartments to create a stunning bag both utilitarian and unique. Comes complete with a 100% cotton Land Rover printed dust bag.

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Lots of people who visit our Pre-Owned Vehicle showroom ask, “from where did you acquire that stunning antique British telephone booth?” Actually, most don’t say it quite like that, but same point. It’s a very cool collectable that we retained from our old dealership and it generates a great deal of interest.

As with many antiques you may find tucked around the dealership, it was acquired by Bob Cole, owner of Cole European, over his years traveling back and forth to England on business. You see, Mr. Cole has been a British vehicle enthusiast for decades, having raced and sold Jaguars, Land Rovers, Aston Martins, MGB’s, Triumphs, Austin Healey’s, and others. As such, he’s developed a passion for many things British, this phone booth being one of them.

He’s also an aficionado of antique automobiles and boats. (He raced boats, too). But the phone booth remains as a fun reminder of Jaguar’s and Land Rover’s proud heritage, and that classic design never goes out of style.