December 2015


It used to be that one of the best times to buy a new car–if not the best time–was at the end of the model year, which was historically in the fall. However, manufacturers have begun releasing new models at random times of the year, blurring the distinction between model years. For example, the all-new 2017 Jaguar XE will be released in spring 2016.

That means the best time to purchase a new car is probably the very end of the calendar year. That assumes your primary focus is on getting a fantastic price. Obviously, the selection at that time might not include the vehicle for which you’re shopping, but there are several factors putting downward pressure on prices: big factory incentives, desire to hit sales objectives, dealerships’ goal of not carrying current year models into the new calendar year, and a traditional flurry of “sales”.

Fortunately, because the model year changeover has become so vague, the issue of selection is no longer the risk it once was. Factories no longer shut down all production of one model year and re-tool for the next, but rather are phasing-in models over a broader time frame. That means you may even find strong incentives on next year’s models.

Cole European is expecting prices on both Jaguars and Land Rovers to be especially attractive this December because of the added impact of new models that have just arrived or are arriving early next year, such as the all-new 2016 Land Rover Discovery Sport, the redesigned 2016 Jaguar XF, and the incoming Range Rover Evoque Convertible and Jaguar XE. That means prices drop in response and in anticipation of new and soon-to-be-released models.

If you have any questions, or would like assistance in selecting a new Jaguar or Land Rover, please be sure to give us a call or swing by Cole European. We’d love to help.




Write your own story, define your own style.

Let’s address one issue right up front: this is a $188,000 vehicle. We share this because when we list some of this vehicle’s features, we want you to understand that we are not exaggerating.

To begin our description, an expedient comparison is of a private jet… for the freeway. While the driving experience is extraordinary, the focus is [continue] on the riding experience. Now that we’ve established a proper reference point, we can hint at what makes this vehicle so special. To be fully understood, the Range Rover Autobiography requires an in-person presentation.

First, each Autobiography is designed and engineered by Land Rover’s SVO: “Special Vehicle Operations”. As suggested by the name, these are essentially custom tailored vehicles.

While the exterior provides evidence of the extreme craftsmanship involved in the creation of these vehicles, it is the interior that is truly awe inspiring. Specifically, we draw your attention to the “Rear Executive Class Seating”. Two oversized, leather massage seats, with calf rest are separated by an elegant control console, paired with individual multi-media centers. Wireless digital headphones, paired with 10.2″ seat-mounted screens, provide an unmatched entertainment experience. A chilled compartment accommodates bottles, and passengers have power-deployed tables for work or convenience.

Naturally, you’ll find USB charging sockets, an advanced Meridian Audio system, and other features for professionals on-the-move, but none of the high-tech accoutrements obscure the style and sophistication that comes from 45 years of British luxury design.

A spectacular Range Rover Autobiography L is currently on display at Cole European. We encourage you to see it in person and imagine the experience as a passenger.



Please excuse the subtleties

The British are known for understatement. So it is with the entirely redesigned 2016 Jaguar XF. To the casual observer, the restyling cues are subtle. The 2016 XF retains the popular stance and contours that made the 1st generation XF so popular, yet significant enhancements have been made throughout.

For example, the chassis’ increased reliance on aluminum makes the new XF a lighter, more nimble and fuel efficient vehicle. And the eight-speed automatic transmission shifts even faster and more fluidly. Significant improvements, no doubt, but subtle to be sure.

The noticeable differences are the creature comforts. The XF treats drivers and passengers to an 11-speaker Meridian audio system, Jaguar’s InControl Touch infotainment system, 8″ touch screen, Bluetooth, USB port, rearview camera, navigation, and a long list of other “far from standard” features. Naturally, upgrades are available, but Jaguar positioned even the base XF at a level of superior comfort and convenience.

Amazingly, the Jaguar XF’s base MSRP of only $51,900 puts it only modestly above the price range of equivalently equipped “economy” sedans. Upping the value equation even further, Jaguar has added Best in Class Coverage” with its Jaguar EliteCare: 5-year / 100,000-mile New Vehicle Limited Warranty, Complimentary Scheduled Maintenance, and 24-Hour Roadside Assistance.

All of this makes the new 2016 Jaguar XF highly indulgent, while at the same time, shockingly practical. It’s worthy of a test drive if only to see how superior subtle can be.



Why taking brakes for granted is a bad plan.

Most of us make two major assumptions each time we get behind the steering wheel: 1) our vehicle will start, and 2) our vehicle will stop. Take a moment to consider the consequences of being wrong about either of those assumptions. If it won’t stop, you’ll wish it never started.

When it comes to checking and servicing your brakes, do it “sooner”, never “later”. Please, the next time you bring your Jaguar or Land Rover to Cole European for a Service visit, let us know if you think it’s time for a brake inspection. We’d be happy to include a Complimentary Brake Inspection with any other Service item. It’s that important.

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Polish and poise. It’s what you would expect from the staff of a Jaguar and Land Rover dealership. So what separates the staff at Cole European is “personable”. We believe a comfortable experience is relaxed and friendly, not pretentious or stuffy.Perhaps no one at Cole European typifies polished, poised, and personable more than Debi Lancey, the familiar voice so often at the other end of the phone when you call the dealership. But Debi is far more than a receptionist, however, she is a facilitator. Her roles at Cole European are many, but none so important as ensuring that guests of the dealership are connected with the person and/or information they need, whether by phone or in-person. Additionally, she coordinates many of our customer events and keeps watch over a myriad of other processes that ensure that friendliness and efficiency go hand-in-hand at Cole European.