January 2016


A Nielsen survey confirmed what we all would assume: the #1 New Year’s resolution is “stay fit and healthy”. An admirable goal. But nowhere in the top 10 of New Year’s resolutions is “keep my car in shape and running well”. Yet, day-after-day, we rely on our cars for work, errands, travel, and — most importantly — transporting family and friends.

So Cole European urges you to take a moment and consider if resolving to take excellent care of your Jaguar or Land Rover might make sense in 2016. Consider the benefits:

  • Greater safety
  • Improved performance
  • Enhanced gas mileage
  • Lower overall expenses
  • Higher resale value
  • Fewer frustrations
  • More enjoyable driving

Best of all, proper vehicle maintenance is an easy resolution to keep. No hard workouts, no counting calories, no special diets, no gym memberships. Just schedule two or three service visits per year. Done.

We invite you to schedule an appointment to meet with your friendly Service Advisor to discuss an annual maintenance plan. You may be surprised how easy and affordable it is to stay ahead of the curve in terms of regular service intervals. And once you have it planned for the year, you won’t have to wonder about when you’re due for another visit.

Modern automobiles are amazingly sophisticated and engineered to operate for years with minimal maintenance. But regular maintenance is essential.

Call us today, or schedule an appointment online, and check one item off your list of New Year’s resolutions.



A toss-up between luxury and utility.

The 2016 LR4 is iconic. If you’ve ever traveled to Africa or watched documentaries of the Serengeti, the classic profile of the LR4 will seem instantly familiar. This is the direct descendent of Land Rover’s adventurous heritage. Rugged stance, no-nonsense styling, impressive ground clearance, plenty of cargo space, and wonderful visibility.

Yet you may experience a bit of incongruence once you open the doors. The rich leathers, dark wood accents, spacious seating, and high-tech features might have you thinking that “LR” stands for “living room”. All the comforts of a truly well-appointed home environment overwhelm the reality that this vehicle was engineered to access the most remote and uncomfortable of destinations.

Yet travel is its purpose, albeit in extreme luxury. Note the LR4’s stadium seating for up to seven adults and incredible headroom, allowing unobstructed views from it’s oversized windows and panoramic roof. A suite of intuitive technologies and built-in entertainment options cater to those whose lifestyles extend far beyond the local neighborhood.

The 2016 LR4 is a quintessential Land Rover. Everything a luxury SUV needs. Nothing more, nothing less.

Whether or not you are in the market for a new car, and whether or not you may think an SUV would ever make sense for you, we encourage you to come test drive the LR4. It just may change your thinking on day-to-day driving.



Sensible Indulgence?

This will be a difficult vehicle to classify because it is an entirely new category for Jaguar. Technically, it’s a “compact luxury sport sedan”. Based on physical dimensions alone, the temptation is to compare it to the BMW 3-series or the Audi A4. Given that it is a Jaguar, however, we expect to see strong links to the brand’s racing and luxury heritage.

Amazingly, all that luxury and performance is expected to be affordable in terms of price and responsible in terms of gas mileage.

For now, we know the XE will be available with a 2.0L Turbocharged 4-cylinder, a 2.0L Diesel, or a 3.0L Supercharged V6. But we also know that a V8 will fit under the hood, so you may want to check with us to see if that is added to the list.

But one thing is for certain: with a base MSRP reported to be $34,900, it will introduce a whole new generation to the Jaguar brand. And the XE will not disappoint this younger following when it comes to onboard technology. Jaguar’s InControl Touch will allow the driver to control many features — from audio to navigation — via the touchscreen or by voice command. And this is appropriate for a car that deserves maximum driver attention to enjoy the superb handling and performance.

Touch base with us in the coming weeks to learn more about the XE. We recommend considering putting your name on a list of those interested in the newest Jaguar, in case demand outstrips supply when first launched.



Three easy maintenance checks for better performance.

Seriously. We all have time to perform these three super simple, yet super important checks:

  1. Tires & Wheels – Check tire inflation, tread depth, and overall condition. For wheels, look for damage and excessive brake dust.
  2. Engine – Inspect condition of exposed belts and check fluid levels (oil, transmission, brake, coolant, and windshield washer).
  3. Lights – Have someone walk around the car as you check headlights, brake lights, and turn signals.

Do that once a month and you’re going to avoid the majority of common breakdowns and accidents. If you have questions, just ask your helpful Cole European Service Advisor.

botique-photoPack for the gym or for a weekend away in this stunning holdall. The subtly styled bag features satin silver metal finishes and a padded calfskin leather shoulder strap in addition to a collection of internal pockets and storage compartments to keep your items secure. A 100% cotton Land Rover printed dust bag is also provided.

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Santa Claus and a Defender 90. Amazingly, we had them both in our showroom during the holidays. The good news is that the Defender 90 is still here and on display. If you want to understand the essence of Land Rover, swing by and check out this permanent member of the Cole Collection.

The Defender 90 is an obvious offspring of the original Land Rover “Series”, first launched in 1948. In 1983, the modern incarnation was introduced as the “Land Rover One Ten”, in reference to the vehicle’s 110-inch wheelbase. In the following year, the “Land Rover Ninety” joined the line up.

Cole European’s 1995 Defender 90 was purchased from a valued customer to be on permanent display. While the vehicle was already in good shape, with just over 40,000 miles on it, our experienced Land Rover technicians performed extensive reconditioning to bring it to near-original condition.

So, in answer to the common question, it is NOT for sale. It’s here for the enjoyment of all our customers and as a reminder of Land Rover’s heritage as a true adventure vehicle. We hope you’ll swing by to see it soon.