March 2016


Relax. Every new 2016 Jaguar from Cole European comes with Best-In-Class coverage:

  • 5-Year / 60,000-Mile Bumper-to-Bumper Warranty
  • Complimentary Scheduled Maintenance
  • Complimentary 24/7 Roadside Assistance
  • Jaguar InControl Remote & Protect

That is amazing coverage for a truly amazing level of luxury. And it may change the way you evaluate the benefits of purchasing or leasing a new Jaguar. The Complimentary Scheduled Maintenance alone may be reason enough to trade out of the vehicle you’re currently driving and enjoy a brand new Jaguar. You could be driving a stunning new luxury vehicle and saving money at the same time.

We highly encourage you to visit us and see the full range of coverage, as well as the features of Jaguar’s exclusive InControl. We can help you calculate the savings you’d receive by never having to pay for scheduled maintenance during the first five years or 60,000 miles of ownership.

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“Nearly New” Range Rover at Used Savings

Every so often, we refresh or private fleet of “Courtesy Service Vehicles”, which means some lucky customer has the chance to purchase a very low mile, professionally maintained vehicle that must be sold as “Used”. In this case, we have a few Range Rover Evoques available for purchase. These are Range Rovers that we’ve allowed Cole European customers to borrow when their vehicles are in for prolonged Service. That means they are washed and maintained regularly and kept in mint condition.

Additionally, these vehicles are covered by Land Rover’s “Approved” certification process, which provides you with:

  • 5-Year / 100,000-Mile Warranty
  • 24/7 Roadside Assistance
  • $0 Deductible on Warranty Repairs
  • Vehicle History Report

It’s essentially like buying a new Range Rover from us, but at drastically reduced prices. Please contact us for current availability. We expect this most recent batch to go quickly.

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Now available by reservation!

A few months ago, we showcased a concept car that had become a reality: the entirely new Jaguar F-Pace, a performance SUV with pure Jaguar DNA. At that time, we weren’t sure when the first would arrive, but they’re close enough that you can now reserve yours.

Beyond seductive Jaguar styling, advanced technology, and intoxicating performance, the F-Pace is a bonanza of cargo space and storage compartments. It is the ideal getaway vehicle for those who don’t want to leave luxury and performance at home.

Be sure to get in touch with one of our Sales Professionals to discuss the entire range of F-Pace features and see how simple it is to reserve yours. The only drawback with being the first to own one is how often you’ll be asked to let others take a look.

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Check your suspension for smooth summer driving.

Pot holes. Unseen objects in the road. Winter has a way of presenting us with the worst driving conditions. March is a great time of year to have your suspension inspected to ensure proper control and performance. It’s partly a safety issue, but also about pleasure. Because isn’t smooth driving is why you purchased a Jaguar or Land Rover?


With just a few parts, you can make your Jaguar or Land Rover ready for anything. Prepare your Jaguar or Land Rover for every adventure, every challenge, every ride with branded roof racks and running boards from Cole European’s Owner’s Boutique. Stack luggage on the racks, step confidently into and out of your vehicle, and do it all with classic Jaguar and Land Rover style.

Check out even more accessories for you and your vehicle at our Owner’s Boutique during your next service appointment.

cole-spotlightRegrettably, we don’t spend 24 hours a day in our vehicles, which means you may forget how nice it is to enjoy the comforts and performance of your Jaguar or Land Rover.Fortunately, Cole European offers a wonderful selection of official Jaguar and Land Rover accessories, apparel, and boutique items to remind you throughout the day of what awaits you on your next drive. Most are subtly adorned with the Jaguar or Land Rover logos and all are of impressive quality, appropriate for the brands they represent.Consider stopping by to browse what is available on-hand, or allow us to list some of the items that can be ordered. It’s a fun and pleasantly simple solution for gift ideas, even if the recipient is you.