April 2016

Is Spring Cleaning Overrated?


Sure. Beauty is only skin deep. But that doesn’t mean it’s without value. And in the case of luxury automobiles, it goes a lot deeper than paint.

Spring is the right time to undertake a thorough cleaning of your Jaguar or Land Rover for a number of reasons. All of which will increase your vehicle’s value, both in terms of resale or lease return appraisal and in your enjoyment of such a significant investment. Here are some things to consider.

  • Paint Protects: A professional wash, polish, and wax will obviously do wonders to restore your vehicle’s original luster. But more importantly, it provides longterm protection to the paint which, in turn, protects the metal underneath.
  • Interior Clean: Shampooing carpets and upholstery not only makes the interior look and smell better, but it removes grit that can accelerate the breakdown of carpet fibers, leather, and finishes such as wood.
  • Cabin Air Filter: Part of a thorough spring cleaning is replacing your cabin air filter. That filter is responsible for removing pollutants, such as pollen, dust, smog, and mold spores before air is circulated through your air conditioning system.
  • Wheels & Tires: While proper wheel and tire cleaning is largely cosmetic, it is an opportunity to inspect for tread wear, sidewall damage, or cracks in rims. What is detected during that process could point to problems with alignment or brakes.

That’s why the Service Technicians at Cole European highly recommend at least an annual, professional detail be performed on your Jaguar or Land Rover. Not only will you have the immediate satisfaction of a new-looking vehicle, but longterm resale value will be higher or, if you are leasing, you are less likely to be subject to excess wear-and-tear charges. So treat yourself to a thorough spring cleaning and see if you don’t agree.



Save up to $800 on your first payment

At Cole European, we’re anxiously awaiting or first shipment of the all-new Jaguar F-Pace luxury SUV. Be among the first to own this stunning addition to the Jaguar line and you could receive up to $800 credit on your first monthly payment and enjoy built-in navigation as a gift from Jaguar. The InControl Touch Navigation system is valued at $500, meaning you may drive away with $1,300 in savings.

One of our friendly Sales Representatives will be happy to provide a detailed overview of the F-Pace, then explain the details of these two introductory offers. To qualify for the $800 payment credit, your new Jaguar must be reserved by May 8, 2016. And for the InControl Touch Navigation, a Reservation Deposit is required.



There’s more to saving the planet than saving gas

While Land Rover has made significant strides in improving gas mileage over the years, people are often unaware of all the other advances that have been made to protect our environment.

Land Rover strives to make each generation of Land Rover and Range Rover more environmentally sustainable than the prior. To do so, every aspect of the vehicle’s life cycle is examined for ways to reduce potential impact. It’s called the “Life Cycle Assessment” process and has yielded improvements in production methods all the way to considering how the vehicle will ultimately be disposed.

Consider that renewable resources, such as leather, wood, natural rubber, and cotton not only make for a more luxurious experience, but they are often better choices for the environment. And by shifting to sturdier-yet-lighter aluminum bodies and components, these Land Rovers and Range Rovers are more efficient and fun to drive.

And perhaps most important of all, Land Rovers and Range Rovers are built to last. And the longer a vehicle lasts, the fewer the vehicles that need to be produced to replace it.

So if you’re considering the purchase or lease of any SUV, we encourage you to visit Cole European and allow us to share some of the other innovations that make driving a Range Rover more responsible than you might assume.



UV radiation damages paint, vinyl, leather, and rubber

As pleasant as a drive on a sunny day may seem, your Jaguar or Land Rover feels otherwise. The sun’s rays causing lasting damage to most materials, including the paint on your car. Particularly if your vehicle is parked outside for extended periods, such as at work or shopping malls. Fortunately, there are things you can do to protect your investment. A coat of wax is a great way to blunt the impact of UV radiation, as are special treatments you can apply to tires and interior surfaces. Now is the time to protect your car from the long months of summer sun.


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cole-spotlightBecause day-to-day life often proceeds without disruption, it’s easy to overlook those who stand ready to help, protect, and serve us in times of emergencies. Of course, Cole European is talking about those who choose to be firefighters, police officers, paramedics, and military personnel.It’s also easy to forget that these people lead personal lives and drive cars other than firetrucks, patrol cars, ambulances, and combat vehicles.As a reminder of how much we appreciate their Service, Cole European is offering a 20% discount off all parts and labor for our customers who serve in some form of high-risk public service. It’s our way of saying ‘”thanks”.