May 2016


The first Jaguar F-Pace is scheduled to arrive at Cole European in just a matter of days. For those of you who pre-ordered this stunning luxury performance SUV, the wait is over. For those who are eager to see it and drive it, the opportunity is near.The F-Pace infuses legendary Jaguar racing DNA with efficient cargo space to serve today’s more active lifestyles.

The ingenious 40:20:40 rear seating configuration accommodates three adults in comfort, then easily converts to a flat cargo area that seems positively cavernous for such a sporty vehicle. That means during trips to Tahoe, Napa, Carmel, or anywhere else your sense of adventure takes you, you’ll have room for all that you need to maximize your fun.And with engine options that include the 380hp 3.0L supercharged V6, that yields a top-end speed of 155mph with 0-60 acceleration in 5.1 seconds, you won’t be sacrificing performance.Best of all, the Jaguar F-Pace is uniquely Jaguar in its stance and styling. It will be unlike any SUV on the road today.Give us a call to confirm exact arrival dates and we’ll arrange a private showing and test drive of this sure-to-impress vehicle.



The only way to make a Jaguar even better

What many people don’t know is that every new 2016 Jaguar comes with EliteCare, a “Best-in-Class” 5-Year / 60,000-Mile coverage program that includes complimentary scheduled maintenance and roadside assistance. So, in essence, what you don’t know, could help you.

Perhaps the best part of EliteCare is the complimentary scheduled maintenance. This ensures that your Jaguar is kept in optimal operating condition through a factory-recommended maintenance program. Critical to the value of this program is that your Jaguar will be under the care of factory-trained, factory-certified, and factory-backed Jaguar Service Technicians. Not only do these technicians know your Jaguar better than anyone, they are supported by the latest Jaguar-specific diagnostic equipment and Jaguar-specific tools; are in direct contact with Jaguar factory experts; benefit from ongoing Jaguar training; have access to Jaguar’s Global Technical Reference Manual; and are linked to Jaguar’s Electronic Parts Catalog.For complete details on the EliteCare warranty, complimentary maintenance, and 24/7 roadside assistance, please contact your Sales Consultant at Cole European. It may inspire you to indulge in a 2016 Jaguar for very practical reasons.



It’s like an SUV on PEDs

Let’s say you wanted the fastest, most agile Land Rover ever built. That would be the Range Rover Sport SVR, produced by Land Rover’s “Special Vehicles Operation”. But what does that really mean?

Consider a rugged-yet-luxurious Range Rover Sport that accelerates from a dead stop to 60 MPH in just 4.5 seconds and feels comfortable at a maximum speed in excess of 160 MPH. OK, so it’s fast. Very, very fast. But how does it handle? Well, that’s more difficult to articulate, but suffice it to say that a two-channel “Dynamic Response” system works in conjunction with uprated air springs and variable dampers to help take corners flatter and faster. Yes, it handles well.

Best of all, it looks and feels positively spectacular. We could name a long list of subtle design cues that distinguish the SVR from the other, already attractive Range Rover Sport models, but justice would not be served. The SVR needs to be seen and driven. At the very least, you should sit inside one and study the way the interior has been crafted to support the driver who wants to fully utilize the power and performance of the SVR, while indulging in a level of modern luxury not expected from an SUV.

Be mindful, however, that the SVR is a rare vehicle so please call to discuss when one might be available to experience. When we have one in our showroom, we’re more than happy to have the opportunity to review it with Land Rover enthusiasts.



Don’t wait any longer to have your suspension checked

The sneaky thing about suspension systems is that they start to go so gradually you may not know what’s coming when it finally gets dangerous. Your vehicle may “ride a little softer” before you actually notice that it’s rocking a bit around corners or bouncy after hitting small bumps. However, if it gets severe, you could be facing serious handling problems at higher speeds. Have your suspension system checked before the summer driving season.


Ever find yourself fantasizing about your car while sipping your morning coffee? You’re not alone. At the Cole European Owner’s Boutique, you’ll find the perfect vessel for the luxury-lovers morning brew: a Jaguar or Land Rover travel mug. Choose from a wide selection of other items and collectibles, like branded pens and 1/18 and 1/24 scale models of your favorite Jaguar and Land Rover models. Perfect decorations for the Jaguar and Land Rover super-fan.

Come see everything our Owner’s Boutique has to offer during your next service appointment at Cole European.


It seems that this month’s edition of our “Ahead of the Curve” e-Newsletter has shared a few “inside secrets”: special “Pro Fleet” sales event, the Jaguar EliteCare program, the Range Rover Sport SVR, and now, a brief discussion of our auxiliary display lot.When passing Cole European along North Main Street, it’s easy to assume that the sum total of our New and Pre-Owned Vehicle inventory is housed on the display lot adjacent to our showroom. In reality, we have a much larger collection of vehicles directly across the street. It’s at that location where we display the majority of our inventory.We strive to maintain an inventory of Jaguars and Land Rovers that closely match those features, trim levels, and colors most prized by Northern Californians, hence the need for this auxiliary lot. If you don’t see the vehicle that interests you on our main display lot or listed on our website, please allow us to show you around our auxiliary lot. We can also tell you what vehicles have recently arrived and are being prepared for display. It’s a constantly evolving selection.

So, if you’re ever in the mood to simply browse an impressive array of British luxury vehicles, come take a walk with us. We always enjoy the opportunity to speak with those who appreciate fine automobiles, get some fresh air, and share what’s new in one of Northern California’s finest collections of Jaguars and Land Rovers.