June 2016

Just What Is a "Pro-Fleet" Vehicle?


Not surprisingly, we’ve had a few people ask what we mean by “Pro-Fleet” vehicle. Because it is a term that we coined, we actually anticipated it would generate some curiosity.

In simplest words, it is a vehicle from our private fleet of Jaguars and Land Rovers, owned by Cole European and used for professional purposes, such as showroom demonstrators, shuttle vehicles, management, or Service courtesy cars. These vehicles see limited use and are professionally maintained by our skilled staff of expert technicians.

In fact, well before one of these vehicles reaches even 10,000 miles on the odometer, we sell them. And because they are often the current model year and in immaculate condition, they almost always qualify for “Approved Certified Pre-Owned” status. To confirm, we put them through a rigorous 165-point mechanical and cosmetic inspection. If any deficiencies are found, the item is brought up to Jaguar’s or Land Rover’s demanding factory specifications. If a vehicle passes all tests, it becomes an “Approved Certified Pre-Owned” vehicle. In the case of what we call a “Pro-Fleet” vehicle, it was only “pre-owned” by us.

Besides the extraordinary savings, the biggest benefit of a Pro-Fleet vehicle is the 5-Year / 100,000-Mile limited factory warranty we are able to provide upon purchase. That means our customers are protected for years to come, almost as if they had purchased the vehicle new. That includes complimentary roadside assistance should there ever be a problem while traveling.

Currently, Cole European has a larger-than-normal inventory of Pro-Fleet vehicles that are due for replacement. That is why we’re having a sales event dedicated solely to these special vehicles. If you think you might be interested, please get in touch and we can tell you what is available now and what may become available very soon.


Limited opportunity to purchase a Cole European fleet vehicle.
For Sale to the Public
Showroom Demonstrators • Courtesy Cars • Shuttle Vehicles
Prices start at $39,995
Find out more below.

Future Products


Sleek. Solid. Powerful. Purposeful.

Features of this Land Rover concept car have us more excited about the future of the model line than anything we’ve ever seen.

Watch the video

Imagine a stunning SUV with doors that open on-command upon approach, with a winged configuration and moving sill step that creates an incredibly open and inviting point of ingress for passengers. Similarly, the rear hatch incorporates a load platform that can be used for both ease of cargo loading and as a seating/viewing area. Based on initial information being released by Land Rover, this looks like an extremely refined, dignified-yet-futuristic, 7-passenger SUV that elicits comparison to a small private jet aircraft.

We are eager to see how the Vision advances and impacts future generations within the Discover model line.

New Arrivals


Only two in stock, but more in transit

Imagine a well known magazine for automobile enthusiasts that starts its review of the all-new 2017 Jaguar XE with a warning: essentially, once you drive the XE, it’s game over for anything else in its class.

Keep in mind that extreme driving performance isn’t surprising from Jaguar. Decades of race-inspired design and engineering has meant generations of thrilling vehicles. But the XE is different in that it is a touch less assuming in its size. It is what is being called a “compact luxury sport sedan”, which bottles up all the poise, power, and grace of Jaguar’s flagship sedans and puts it in a nimble, inviting design that could make Jaguar the go-to brand for a new wave of driving enthusiasts.

Until recently, we’ve been restricted to simply writing about design features and engineering advances of the all-new XE, but now Cole European has two in stock with more on the way. We’re beyond intrigued by this new class of vehicles for Jaguar, we’re inspired. It is incredibly fun to drive while never allowing us to forget the sophisticated heritage of Jaguar.

Whether or not you are in the market for a new vehicle, we invite you to come with us for test drive and experience a bold new member of the Jaguar family.

Service Tip


Repair your car’s A/C and stay comfortable—even in summer swelter

It’s a basic notion: if it’s hot outside, use the air conditioning inside. But if your car’s A/C isn’t blowing cool air, then you’re stuck with the heat. Avoid that situation—and save money doing it—with this fantastic A/C repair special. Available through some of the hottest days of the year, get your vehicle’s A/C kicking into high gear to maximize your cool wherever you cruise.

Your Land Rover. Your Rules.

Ever find yourself fantasizing about your car while sipping your morning coffee? You’re not alone. At the Cole European Owner’s Boutique, you’ll find the perfect vessel for the luxury-lovers morning brew: a Jaguar or Land Rover travel mug. Choose from a wide selection of other items and collectibles, like branded pens and 1/18 and 1/24 scale models of your favorite Jaguar and Land Rover models. Perfect decorations for the Jaguar and Land Rover super-fan.

Come see everything our Owner’s Boutique has to offer during your next service appointment at Cole European.


Limited opportunity to purchase a Cole European fleet vehicle.

Public sale of our private collection of Land Rover and Jaguar fleet vehicles

We are in the process of updating our fleet of dealership vehicles. These are brand new Land Rovers and Jaguars that we use as showroom demonstrators, courtesy cars, and shuttle vehicles.

That means, for a very short time, we have a list of prior “Pro Fleet” vehicles that we are offering to our customers. These are professionally maintained Land Rovers and Jaguars owned solely by Cole European. They are low-mile, current model year vehicles in impeccable condition. And each comes with a factory warranty:

  • 5-Year / 100,000-Mile Limited Factory Warranty*
  • $0 Deductible on Warranty Repairs
  • 24/7 Roadside Assistance
  • 165-Point Inspection
  • Vehicle History Report


If you’re into cars, there’s something fun about visiting an old school parts store. But they’re not the best place to find high performance parts to keep your Jaguar or Land Rover performing its best.

It’s a nostalgic experience for “car buffs”, but not inline with today’s complex automobiles. Jaguars and Land Rovers, in particularly, are engineered to perform with parts manufactured to very precise specifications. Generic or off-brand parts have the potential to do more than limit performance; the wrong part can cause severe damage.

Cole European’s extensive inventory of genuine Jaguar and Land Rover parts allows us to quickly ascertain which parts are in stock, which are in need of replenishing, and which should be special ordered. In almost all cases, our parts database serves our expert technicians and allows them to complete repairs correctly and with minimal wait time for parts. If, however, you should ever need to purchase through our retail parts counter, we can check immediately to see if the part you need is in stock or where we can find it.

It’s all behind the scenes, but critically important to the efficiency and precision with which we can service your vehicle.