July 2016

The Lease We Can Do

Drive the All-New 2017 Jaguar XE for $298 mo.

There are times when leasing makes more sense than purchasing. Now is such a time. Special lease incentives currently offered from Jaguar make this a very attractive opportunity to drive the all-new Jaguar XE at a surprisingly low cost, both in terms of monthly payments and overall maintenance.

Naturally, leases aren’t for every situation. But if you drive roughly 7,500 miles per year and would enjoy experiencing the newest Jaguar performance sedan, by all means let us explain this incredible lease plan. You’ll benefit from three years of essentially worry-free maintenance and state-of-the-art technology.

Most importantly, you’ll be among the first to hit the road in the 2017 Jaguar XE, one of the most advanced performance sedans available. The XE’s aluminum architecture provides torsional stiffness while saving weight, yielding responsive handling and an impressive 30 MPG* Highway. An 8-speed automatic transmission creates an incredibly smooth ride and a feature called Torque Vectoring subtly applies braking to the inside wheels and directs additional engine torque to the wheel with the greatest grip to better hold the road on curves.

And in a nod to true driving comfort, Jaguar’s “Configurable Dynamics” technology allows the engine, steering, gearshift, and suspensions characteristics of the XE to be fine-tuned to ideally suit the driver. Cole European is happy to help customers explore this exciting advance in performance.

If the $298 lease on a Jaguar XE sounds interesting, please allow us to walk you through a direct comparison of leasing versus purchasing while these special incentives are still in effect. Please be aware that factory incentives are subject to change at any time, so contact us soon to explore your options.
*EPA estimate. Actual mileage will vary.

2017 Jaguar XE 25t RWD. 36 monthly closed-end lease payments of $297.91 plus tax. $5,995 due at lease inception including a $0 security deposit; plus tax and license. Lessee responsible at lease end for annual mileage in excess of 7,500 at $0.25 per mile. 2 at this offer, ID’s Y03107, 948307. Expires 7/31/16.


Land Rover InControl Touch Pro

Land Rover InControl Touch Pro

An Advanced Multimedia System

Land Rover’s legendary sense of adventure has been translated and updated by sophisticated onboard technology and smartphone connectivity. You’ll be stunned by how InControl will enhance your driving experience and encourage exploration.

Imagine planning your travels on your smartphone via a custom Land Rover app. Once in the driver’s seat of your Land Rover, InControl sync’s your plans to your onboard navigation and display system and you’re ready to hit the road. Upon arrival at any of your pre-planned destinations, InControl hands control back to the smartphone app and aids with public transit recommendations and pedestrian routes. InControl can even share your progress with friends, family, and associates to keep them apprised of your estimated arrival time.

And, of course, InControl provides refined access to music and other functions with the tap of a screen or with the utterance of a command. It will even allow you to find your Land Rover in a crowded parking lot by accessing its location through your smartphone.

During your next visit to Cole European, please allow us to demonstrate some of InControl’s impressive features.

Forward To The Past

The Jaguar XKSS

Nine “1957” Jaguars to be created

On February 12, 1957, a fire in Jaguar’s Brown Lane factory destroyed a part of racing history. Nine Jaguar XKSS high-performance cars were lost to flames that evening, leaving only sixteen to ultimately reach completion, most of which were sold in the United States to avid sports car enthusiasts.

Now, almost six decades later, Jaguar has announced that they will meticulously recreate those nine lost vehicles according to exact 1957 specifications. These ultra-exclusive “continuation” Jaguars are being handcrafted for a select group of established customers and collectors. The price is estimated to be approximately $1.4 million per copy.

The XKSS was originally an inspired reincarnation of twenty-five D-type racing cars remaining in various stages of completeness after the 1956 racing season. A series of modifications were made to convert them to road-going specifications, including the addition of a passenger-side door and full sized wind screen. Of the sixteen that ultimately left the Brown Lane factory, one was purchased by actor Steve McQueen and is currently on display in the Peterson Automotive Museum of Los Angeles. McQueen’s XKSS is now estimated to be worth $30 million, making the $1.4 million dollar price tag of the “new” XKSS editions appear to be a relative bargain.

Service Tip

If You Use Your Brakes, Have Them Checked Regularly

Frequent brake inspections can avoid accidents and costly repairs

Advances in automotive engineering have resulted in vehicles that require less frequent servicing. The downside of this progress is that there are fewer opportunities for our trained technicians to inspect your brakes. And, regrettably, brake pads still wear out. Please take time to have your brakes inspected regularly to ensure proper performance and to avoid costly damage to brake pads and rotors.

This versatile addition to your Land Rover’s cargo department will help maximize the available space and minimize the clutter. It will prevent items from shifting during transport and makes it easier to collect and transfer several items at once. Order one today and get ready to enjoy a heightened sense of organization and control.

View even more accessories for you and your vehicle at our Owner’s Boutique during your next service appointment.

cole-spotlightThe Certification Process

In most cases, we feature the people at Cole European who make a difference in delivering superior value to our customers. When it comes to our Approved Certified Pre-Owned Jaguars and Land Rovers, it’s both the people and the process.

Our certification process results in a vehicle that can be protected by a 6-Year / 100,ooo-Mile limited warranty, provided directly from the factory. Cole European pays for that warranty on behalf of the buyer, but it is Jaguar and Land Rover that stand behind the warranty.

To earn that certification, we start by selecting only the newest vehicles with the lowest mileage. From that point, the vehicles must also meet a list of other conditions, such as having been built for use in the USA; free of any warranty restrictions; without any non-approved aftermarket modifications; unaffected by any outstanding Recalls or Service Campaigns; and several other requirements. All of those conditions must be met before we even begin our rigorous mechanical and cosmetic inspections. Any defects are corrected before a vehicle can be “certified”.

Once it passes all phases of certification, Cole European registers the vehicle with Jaguar or Land Rover and purchases a factory warranty for added value and protection.

Naturally, it’s our highly trained and conscientious staff of Service Technicians and Sales Professionals that ensure the process is executed properly, but it is a system perfected over years. We encourage you to visit our showroom to see how meticulously our Approved Pre-Owned Jaguars and Land Rovers are maintained.