August 2016

August Might Be The Best Time To Buy A Land Rover.

Market conditions change daily, so it’s impossible to predict the absolute best time to purchase or lease any vehicle. But, when it comes to a Land Rover at Cole European, there’s a strong argument to be made for doing your shopping in August. Here’s why:

The first reason is the Land Rover production cycle and where we are in the model year. By August, we’ve “built” our Land Rover inventory for the current model year to what may be the highest point for the remainder of the year. From this point forward, our orders for Land Rovers — this includes “Range Rovers”, of course — of the current model year will dwindle. Our goal is to sell out of the current model year vehicles as the next model year begins. This means the selection is great in August.

Second, many shoppers for Land Rover — a true luxury adventure vehicle — tend to be most actively in the market during spring and late fall. In the Bay Area, there’s lots of competition for the available inventory right as the ski season gets underway and right before summer begins. Not so much in August.

Third, August is a huge vacation month, which means Cole European’s customers are as likely to be out on the road, enjoying their current Land Rover, as they are to be searching for a replacement. That means less competition for the available inventory.

And, lastly, Cole European has some amazing factory incentives to offer right now. Particularly impressive are a range of lease specials that make trading-up to a brand new Land Rover a wise financial investment. Many of our customers are actually lowering their monthly payments and driving the very latest model, which means enjoying the latest technological advances.

If you’d like to see our stunning selection, including the Range Rover Sport, swing by. We’d be more than happy to share some of the incentives currently available.

Please enjoy the rest of your summer and we hope to see you soon.

Cole European is already able to offer attractive factory incentives, long before the official end of the 2016 model year. Enjoy “sales event” pricing now; no need to wait.

See Popular Models

2017 Jaguar F-Pace

An SUV with racing heritage

Cole European previewed Jaguar’s all-new F-Pace in prior newsletters, but now that we’ve had a chance to drive it and receive feedback from enthusiastic owners, it’s time for the definitive word on this entry into the luxury SUV category: “Wow”.

While seated in the finely crafted driver’s seat of the F-Pace, if you were to never look around at the spacious and versatile interior behind you, it’s likely you’d be completely unaware that you’re driving an SUV. The F-Pace delivers phenomenal handling and performance, nimbly devouring miles of backroads, city streets, or freeway with equal comfort. One of the top motorcar enthusiast publications described the F-Pace as having “sexy styling and athletic moves”.

In fact, the F-Pace’s name is directly and very intentionally tied to Jaguar’s uber-sports car, the F-Type. There was no rush to simply produce a luxury SUV. Jaguar wanted to create a performance SUV with luxury finishes. The first to test the F-Pace agree that it is well worth the wait.

But what has amazed so many knowledgable reviewers of the F-Pace is it combines Jaguar luxury and performance with undeniable practicality. For example, the F-Pace offers its owners nearly twice the cargo space of a well-known competitive brand. And as for hauling passengers, there’s great leg room and head room for passengers in the rear seat. That adds to the F-Pace’s versatility.

If you have a two-car garage dedicated to a sports car on one side and an SUV on the other, visit Cole European and test drive the F-Pace. You may decide you can still enjoy both performance and practicality, but leave space for a power boat or other fun toy.

The 2017 Range Rover Evoque… Convertible!

An open-air pleasure that will be hard to find

The Range Rover Evoque Convertible is another much-anticipated, first-of-its-kind vehicle that we’ve previewed in our “Ahead of the Curve” newsletters. But now its arrival is imminent. In fact, it may be on display at Cole European by the time you read this article.

Once again, Land Rover is pushing the definition of “adventure”. Certainly any vehicle that bears the “Range Rover” badge is capable of mind-bending off-road feats. But in a nod to the majority of owners who value their Land Rovers and Range Rovers for less demanding adventures, the engineers at Land Rover decided to return to their tops-off roots — research the Land Rover Series 1 — and give the nimble and stylish Range Rover Evoque a modern interpretation of off-road and open-air.

We’d happily invest more paragraphs describing the Evoque Convertibles many wonderful features and qualities, but its most spectacular characteristic has to be experienced: it’s top-down fun. Plan time to take it for a test drive.

Let’s not forget: this is a true 4-seater convertible that can take you virtually anywhere there’s a pretense of a road.

See it soon — if not today — at Cole European. But hurry. Only 900 Evoque Convertibles will be available across all 50 states. That’s about one Evoque Convertible for every 350,000 Americans. In other words, don’t expect to see a lot of them in the parking lots around town. If you’re interested, please let us know soon.

Avoid the Sound of Silence

Have your car’s battery checked now!

Has it happened to you? That moment where you sit behind the steering wheel of your car, mind focused on where you need (or want) to be, you hit the ignition, and then it happens. Nothing. No sound. Or maybe that sickening clicking sound of an ignition system in search of the energy it needs to start the engine. You’re not going anywhere soon.

There’s no way to avoid it: batteries fail. One day they work, the next they don’t. But you can avoid it happening to you. Cole European recommends you have your battery “stress tested” regularly to see if it’s up to the everyday demands of starting your Jaguar or Land Rover.

boutique-itemDon’t Let Them Steal Your Wheels!

If you think about the price of high-performance wheels like those on your Jaguar, you can imagine how valuable they are to those who deal in stolen car parts. And wheels are some of the fastest, easiest things to steal. Unless, of course, you have locking lug nuts designed specifically for Jaguars. We have them in stock at Cole European.


Craig Perry

Craig is a recent addition to Cole European’s staff, joining us in the capacity of Sales Manager and, more importantly, Used Vehicle Manager. While Craig has served a wide and impressive range of positions within the retail automotive industry during his 40-year career, he is perhaps most highly regarded for his extensive experience and knowledge of Used, or “pre-owned”, vehicles.

Craig adds even greater value to our “Cole Collection” of quality pre-owned vehicles. He ensures that we retain not only the finest trade-ins, but that they be priced competitively. Craig spends hours poring over market information that might impact our pricing. On occasion, if he finds a truly remarkable vehicle available for purchase, he actually buys that car so that it can be thoroughly inspected and offered directly to our customers. If there are any flaws, Craig sees to it that those are corrected by our team of factory-certified Service Technicians before the vehicle is available for purchase.

If you have any questions about our Cole Collection, please contact Craig directly.

SPECIAL: Additionally, Craig would like to offer any current Cole European customers an entirely complimentary and obligation-free professional appraisal of your current vehicle. That includes any that might be from a manufacturer other than Jaguar or Land Rover. Craig can provide you with an idea of your car’s true market value and help you plan the optimal time to trade-in on a newer model. He’s also well-versed in lease-return planning and can advise on how to reduce expenses at the end of your lease.

So, please join us in welcoming Craig Perry to Cole European’s team of experts. He’s here to ensure the quality of the products and services we offer.