October 2016

Preparing your car for winter is something you should think about now.

Bay Area weather is often beautiful at this time of year, so why would anyone worry about “winterizing” their car now? Well, because it’s better to be prepared than literally be caught out in the cold. If you check monthly averages for temperatures and rainfall, you’ll see you have only a few weeks to get ready for winter. Best to be ready for the first big rains because that’s when roads are their wettest and wildest.

There are two key driving conditions that are about to change: 1) cold weather starting, and 2) slick roads. That’s why we put your battery and charging system at the top of our pre-winter checklist, followed closely be tire type and tread condition.

Take a look at our Pre-Winter Car Care Checklist and plan to have these wrapped-up by the end of October:

Battery & Charging System — It’s tougher for a battery to start a cold engine, so it’s wise to let a trained technician test your battery’s condition. If it is nearing the end of its life cycle, replace it. A technician can also confirm that your car’s charging system is working properly. This includes ensuring that battery terminals and cables are in good condition.

Tire Type & Tread Condition — Certain tires are far better in rain than others, so confirm that you have an all-weather tire suitable for heavy rains. If you travel to the mountains and are likely to experience snow, all-weather tires may not be enough for the conditions you might experience in the Tahoe area. Consider a ‘mud & snow’ tire.

Tire Pressure — We mention this separately because even if you have the ideal tires for the conditions, improper tire pressure can compromise their performance. And remember, when temperatures drop, so does the pressure in your tires. You will likely need to add some air to your tires as we head into winter.

Belts & Hoses — Warm weather keeps rubber components a bit more pliable. Cold temperatures may be enough to cause old belts and hoses to crack and break. That’s why it is on our list to carefully inspect belts for cracks or damage now. Same with hoses. Inspect them for cracks, leaks, loose clamps, and to ensure they are still pliable.

Wipers & Washer Fluid — This sounds so minor but it is so very, very important. Please be prepared for the first rains. Summer can be harsh on rubber wiper blades, leaving them stiff and ineffectual for clearing water from your windshield. All too often, that first drive in the rain can be a struggle to see out the windshield if your wiper blades haven’t been replaced. Treat yourself to a fresh pair each fall. Similarly, you’ll want plenty of washer fluid, especially if you’re heading to the mountains. Wiper blades alone are no match for mud, snow, and ice.

Coolant Levels — Unless you live where the temperatures are consistently below freezing, you may slide by with antifreeze that has lost a bit of its zip. But if you’re thinking you may be heading anywhere this winter that dips solidly below freezing, you do NOT want to realize too late that you forgot to refill and/or replace your antifreeze.

Lights — It’s going to get darker earlier and stay that way longer, so your lights will play a more important role in winter driving. Check them now and have any burnt-out bulbs replaced.

Emergency Kit — It’s a good idea to always carry some form of emergency kit, whether it is summer or winter. But if you’re likely to be in extremely cold conditions, you should consider adding some of the following to your list: ice scraper / snow brush; hat and gloves; blanket; shoes or boots for rain and snow; drinking water; food; candle and matches; and extra clothes.

If you can address most of the above maintenance items yourself, we hope this checklist is helpful. We can assist you with the battery test and inspection of the charging system.

For those of you who prefer to have a trained technician look at all these items, we’ve bundled a number of important services into a single “Pre-Winter Service” that we’re offering through the month of November. Check our special offer elsewhere in this Newsletter or click directly to our Service Specials pages for Jaguar and Land Rover.

Wishing you safe driving.

Special Pricing on Every Land Rover in Stock

See offers below.

The Land Rover Discovery Sport

This vehicle does it all with style

When Cole European announced the arrival of the very first Land Rover Discovery Sports almost exactly one year ago, we anticipated it would be well received by San Francisco Bay Area drivers. We had no idea what a superstar it would become. Because it’s been tough simply keeping them in stock, we pushed hard to get a big supply of the new 2017 models in preparation for our “Brace 4×4 Winter” Sales Event. This is a great opportunity to find a brand new Discovery Sport just for you.

In retrospect, it’s no surprise the Land Rover Discovery Sport has been so popular in Contra Costa and the surrounding Bay Area communities. It’s one of those “just right” designs: not too big, not too small; lots of amenities but plenty rugged for active lifestyles; and luxury and craftsmanship at a price that equates to true value. The 2017 Land Rover Discovery Sport will transition effortlessly from any activity common among Bay Area drivers: formal enough for business, elegant enough for evenings out, room enough for up to 7 passengers, spacious enough for hauling cargo, and ready to weather winters storms around Lake Tahoe. And all the while, the Discovery Sport surrounds its passengers in state-of-the-art safety features and advanced technological amenities such as an 8” Touchscreen display and Land Rover InControl connectivity.

It’s easy, however, to theorize that the Discovery Sport is actually in such high demand because it is so incredibly attractive. Instantly recognizable as a Land Rover, the Discovery Sport is somewhat more compact than its larger siblings, giving it a sleek, urban look. The feel is nimble and responsive despite the sturdy, versatile characteristics that are inherent in all Land Rovers.

Perhaps most remarkable of all is the price. The 2017 Land Rover Discovery Sports start at a base MSRP of only $37,695, putting them in direct competition with much lesser SUV’s that only pretend to have the formidable design and rugged capabilities of a Land Rover. Additionally, Cole European has both factory incentives and generous dealer discounts that it is offering during our “Brace 4×4 Winter” Sales Event. We want to offer our customers both the selection and savings that may only be available for the next couple months.

If you’d like to experience the 2017 Land Rover Discovery Sport for yourself, please call us and schedule a test drive. We’d be happy to review the long list of features that will bring you to the same conclusion at which we’ve arrived: the Discovery Sport is an SUV of superstar status.

Jaguar Approved Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles

Nearly-new Jaguars at a Fraction of the Original Price

Rarely do we have the selection of Certified Pre-Owned Jaguars that we have right now, so we want to draw special attention to both the quantity and quality of our current inventory.

At the time this article is being written, Cole European has over a dozen pre-owned Jaguars that have met the high standards set by the Jaguar Approved Certified Pre-Owned guidelines. Each has passed a rigorous 165-point inspection that covers everything from engine performance to vanity mirror lights. So certain is Jaguar of these vehicles’ quality that each comes with a limited factory warranty of up to 7 Years / 100,000 Miles.

For Bay Area Jaguar enthusiasts looking to replace an older model or possibly add a second Jaguar to the family, Jaguar Approved Certified Pre-Owned vehicles are a brilliant option. The initial vehicle depreciation has been factored into the pricing, which means sharp buyers can purchase the majority of the vehicle’s useful life at only a fraction of the original price.

For example, at the time this article was written, Cole European was able to offer a 2015 Jaguar XF 2.0T Premium for the remarkable price of only $35,988. (Vehicle ID U87680). Again, that price includes the full protection of a limited factory warranty from Jaguar.

If only to familiarize yourself with the value of the Jaguar Approved program, Cole European invites you to swing by the dealership to see just how impeccably maintained these vehicles truly are. The same can said, of course, for our Land Rover Approved vehicles, but the selection of Jaguars is worthy of special mention.

We hope to see you soon.

Pre-Winter Service

An Incentive to Brace for Winter

As highlighted in this newsletter’s feature article, winter weather is only a matter of a few weeks away and, with it, comes some serious challenges to day-to-day driving. Rather than wait for rough weather to arrive, Cole European is encouraging its loyal Service customers to beat the rush and prepare for cold, wet driving conditions now.

Our factory-trained Jaguar and Land Rover Service Technicians have bundled a number of important pre-winter maintenance items into a single Pre-Winter Service Special so that all you have to do is schedule an appointment and allow us to do the rest. When the first rains hit, you’ll thank yourself.

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Keep yourself dry this winter with a sturdy, stylish umbrella branded with a legendary Jaguar or Land Rover logo. Register to win your umbrella
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If you can protect your vehicle’s carpeting, you can preserve its value. Carpets are a tell-tale sign of the care given a vehicle. Keeping them clean will give you more enjoyment while you own the car and a higher resale value when it’s time to sell it.

All-weather floor mats from Jaguar and Land Rover are designed specifically for your vehicle. Cole European has access to the entire range of designs. These deeply patterned mats are designed to keep water, mud, and snow from spilling onto your carpets.

It’s not too early to consider ordering a set for someone in your family as a holiday gift. Including yourself.

 Impressive Savings on New 2016 and 2017 Land Rovers

Without fail, demand for Land Rovers increases when winter descends and active Bay Area residents begin planning trips to their favorite ski and snowboard destinations. As anyone who’s experienced a winter storm in the Sierra Nevada mountains, the right vehicle can make all the difference.

To reward those who plan ahead, Cole European is offering spectacular savings on the full range of Land Rover SUV’s as both demand and selection are building.

Here’s just a sample of the savings…

2016 Land Rover Discovery Sport SE
$298/mo + tax lease

1 at this price. ID 578546 . 33 monthly closed-end lease payments of $298.24 plus tax. $6,495 (including $5,495 cash from customer and $1,000 Land Rover Rebate) due at lease inception including a $0 security deposit; plus tax and license. Lessee responsible at lease end for mileage over 7,500 per year at .25 per mile. Offer expires 10/31/16.

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Cole’s Service Advisors

They translate for the Technicians

If you’ve read our Dealership newsletters and Service newsletters over the years, you know how proud we are of the experience levels of our factory-trained and factory-certified Service Technicians. You’ve probably heard us brag about an average of 25-years experience across our staff of Jaguar and Land Rover specialists.

But what we should emphasize just as enthusiastically is that our Service Advisors are also extremely experienced and make it possible for you to tap into that vast base of expertise represented by our technicians. After all, it is the Service Advisor’s role to listen carefully to your description of concerns you may have about your Jaguar’s or Land Rover’s performance and translate that into actionable items that will help confirm an accurate diagnosis of any problems. That means they hold an equally vast knowledge of vehicle systems and can help discern from any number of possible explanations and causes for the symptoms you describe.

Additionally, it is their role to listen to the entire staff of technicians and decipher and communicate their discoveries back to you. That often includes providing a range of options and — sometimes — personal recommendations.

How you choose to care for your Jaguar or Land Rover is ultimately up to you. But Cole European’s expert Service Advisor’s view it as their role to provide you with the best information possible to make wise decisions. We thank them for the versatile role they fill and the dedication with which they fill it.