February 2017

Best-in-Class Coverage

No matter how perfect something may appear there’s always room for improvement. For decades Jaguar has produced enviable, high-performance models that have gone on to define standards of power and beauty. Their enduring commitment to excellence means they have always been simultaneously cutting edge and classic. Yet in spite of these successes, Jaguar has found a path to improvement with Jaguar EliteCare—Jaguar’s commitment to you and your new Jaguar.

With Jaguar EliteCare you’ll enjoy best-in-class 5-Year/60,000-mile new vehicle limited warranty, 5-Year/60,000-mile complimentary scheduled maintenance, 5-Year/60,000-mile 24/7 roadside assistance, and

5-Year/Unlimited-mileage Jaguar InControl Remote & Protect, which means you and your Jaguar will be taken care of every day of the year. Did Jaguar just get better? We think so.

Visit Cole European today to learn more about Jaguar EliteCare.

2017 Land Rover Discovery Sport

Discover the #Undiscovered

Photographers, kayakers, chefs, biologists, star-gazers, the Land Rover Discovery community is diverse and united in spirit to explore the undiscovered. It’s a community of people finding life in the stars and sea, in backyards and farms, on every road they drive down. View photos, videos, and more of Discoverers across the country as they set off on their adventures.

Indulge in the adventure of life and share your Discovery story at #undiscovered. There’s a whole world out there—where does your road lead?

Stop by Cole European to test drive a 2017 Land Rover Discovery Sport and become the adventurer you always wanted to be.


Look into the Future

Virtual Reality Headsets

Jaguar Land Rover is pioneering a new way of buying cars—virtual reality. Through virtual reality headsets customers will be able to explore new vehicles before they arrive in dealership showrooms. The headsets allow customers to tour and interact with a life-size model, including different viewpoints of the car’s interior through 360 degree imagery.

Jaguar is slated to unroll this virtual reality  experience across more than 1,500 retailers in 85 markets. We will certainly let you know when this technology arrives at Cole European. It’s a new age of car buying.


Free Brake Inspection

Brake with Confidence

January’s rain was good for the drought, but how was it on your brakes? Wet roads and worn-out brakes can be a recipe for disaster. Avoid potential driving accidents and increase stopping power by scheduling a free brake inspection. Our team of trained Jaguar Land Rover technicians will assess the condition of your brakes to confirm whether or not your brake pads and rotors are ready for the road. If any work needs to be done, present this coupon and receive 15% off any Cole European brake service. It’s always better to be safe than sorry—give us a call to schedule your complimentary inspection today.

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