May 2017

Buying a new car outright is almost always recommended for a few simple reasons: you pay less, you own what you drive, and that gives you the freedom to do whatever and go wherever you like. Second to buying outright, is buying with a short term loan. With a short term loan, you pay more as you pay off the vehicle, but at the end of the loan you own what you drive and have no mileage or modification restrictions to contend with. So why lease? After all, that is the question.

Leasing is a great option for many drivers. Knowing what type of driver you are is an important factor in deciding whether or not to lease.

Leasing is great if…

  • you want low monthly payments
  • you want to drive a new car every few years
  • you don’t drive long distances
  • you aren’t interested in making vehicle modifications
  • you (preferably) don’t travel with pets or small children on the regular

If this sounds like you, then lease away! 

When signing a lease it’s important to remember that nearly all leases carry early termination fees, and these fees can be costly. So if you plan on leasing, make sure you’re able to pay the entirety of your lease or you may get stuck with a pricey early termination bill. Also, be careful not to exceed your lease’s annual mileage limit. Exceeding the annual mileage limit is an easy way to incur additional charges; however, if you anticipate needing a greater annual mileage limit, then speak with your Cole European Sales Associate. Oftentimes, mileage limits can be negotiated in exchange for altered lease payments. And finally, when you lease, take extra care of the interior (think twice about traveling with pets and small children). At your lease end, if the vehicle looks like it’s undergone more than normal wear and tear, you will be charged additional fees.

To lease or not to lease? It’s a question worthy of some thought with an answer that’s specific to the individual. For more information on the benefits of buying vs the benefits of leasing, speak with a member of the Cole European team today.

Intelligent, Ingenious, Versatile—The 2017 Land Rover Discovery

No matter how rugged, no matter how steep the completely redesigned Land Rover Discovery covers all ground, and with a wading depth of 35.4 inches it’s able to cover some deep waters too. Thanks to a state-of-the art aluminum unibody, the Discovery is now 1000 lbs lighter than the LR4 and can easily withstand the heavy usage typical of off-road driving.

Among many new noteworthy features is the optional Activity Key—a totally waterproof wristband that allows its wearer to engage in the most adventurous of outdoor activities without needing to carry a key fob.

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Land Rover BAR’s Rita is ready for the America’s Cup

Earlier this year, Land Rover BAR launched Rita, the technically advanced sailboat developed with Jaguar Land Rover engineers dead set on making sailing history. By incorporating engineering skills used in Jaguar Land Rover’s newest models, including: improved aerodynamics, self-learning car technologies, artificial intelligence and virtual-modeling technologies, the BAR team has developed a sailboat that is primed to do one thing exceptionally well: go faster.

Learn more about the development of Rita and see it in action at the 2017 America’s Cup—starting May 26.

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Replace Tired Tires

Driving on worn out tires is dangerous and practically guarantees inefficient gas mileage. So why do it? Driving on new tires is as important as driving on the right tires, especially when driving a luxury vehicle. Jaguars and Land Rovers were designed to ride on specific tires, and when these vehicles are paired with the wrong tires, they can underperform in much the same way as when they’re driven on worn out tires.

What do you say, is it time for new tires? Stop by Cole European today.

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Special Offers

Buying a Cole European VIP vehicle is an opportunity to own a luxury vehicle at a drastically reduced price. VIP luxury vehicles are new, never registered Jaguars and Land Rovers with extremely low mileage. Now, due to certain factory promotions, the warranties on select VIP vehicles have started, which makes now the perfect time to buy.

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