June 2017

During the summer months there are more young drivers on the road because school’s out, there are more motorcyclists on the road because the weather’s nice, there are more road repair projects because the weather’s nice, and, there are more people heading out on road trip vacations. Summer is certainly the season to drive. So take a moment and check-in with your car. Is everything running properly? Here are five simple things you can do this week that’ll make for better summer drives. [Continued]

  1. Check your tires to avoid blowouts.
    Hot weather causes the air inside your tires to expand, which can lead to tire blowouts in old or worn-out tires. Check your tires regularly, especially during heat waves.
  2. Inspect your air-conditioning system and get cooler, faster.
    Summer heat and leather seats do not mix. If your A/C takes awhile to cool the cabin, there may be a leak or insufficient fluid levels. If you suspect your A/C is underperforming, have a factory trained Jaguar or Land Rover technician perform an A/C inspection.
  3. Travel with plenty of water.
    Heat saps our energy and can overheat our engines. Avoid dehydrated (cranky) passengers and carry a few water bottles on board. Carry an extra jug of water in the back along with a bottle of coolant. You can use either water or coolant if your engine overheats.
  4. Invest in a dashboard sunshade.
    The only thing worse than sitting on leather seats that’ve been baking in the sun, is sitting on leather seats that’ve been baking in the sun and then grabbing a leather steering wheel that’s also been baking in the sun. A simple, inexpensive solution: the dashboard sunshade. It’ll keep the cabin cool when you’re parked in the sun and protect your car’s interior from sun damage.
  5. Don’t get caught in the rain—check your wipers.
    Before you lose your wits to the summer sun, do yourself a favor and check your wipers. Just because it’s sunny today doesn’t mean it won’t rain tonight.

When the weather’s nice, the open road calls. Answer the call, just make sure your car is ready first. If you need help, give us a call or schedule a service appointment online. We’re here to help you prepare your car for summer.

Yep, more awards for the F-PACE.

At the April New York International Auto Show, the Jaguar F-PACE was awarded the World Car of the Year Award and the World Car Design of the Year Award. In the 13-year history of the World Car Awards, this is only the second time a vehicle has claimed both awards.

The F-PACE is the fastest selling model Jaguar has produced and continues to fly off the lot. If you’re in the market for an SUV, look no further, the Jaguar F-PACE is where it’s at. Come in for a test drive and see what the buzz is all about.


Steering toward Victory

“This is not just a great piece of design and engineering, but beautiful craftsmanship.”
—Sir Ben Ainslie, Land Rover BAR Team Skipper and Principal

After 18 months in development, Land Rover’s Human Machine Interface engineers combined technology from the new Discovery with unique personalizations to create a one-off steering wheel perfectly shaped to fit Sir Ben Ainslie’s hands. Now, Sir Ben has precise fingertip control in his pursuit of the America’s Cup. With the flick of his finger he can lift R1, Land Rover Bar’s race boat, out of the water, allowing it to fly above the water at speeds above 50 knots. > Read More


Wipe Away Summer Showers

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