July 2017

Our vehicles are investments. All of us put time and money into them to ensure they run in top form for as long as possible. At Cole European we understand the importance of driving a well-maintained vehicle. We don’t hide the fact that our Service Advisors and Technicians have on average 25 years experience servicing Jaguar and Land Rover models, we celebrate it. Our Service Team has 25 years experience helping customers, diagnosing problems, and finding and implementing solutions. It’s a level of experience you can’t get everywhere and the type of relationship you’ll be hard pressed to find anywhere.

Long-lasting relationships between Service Advisors and Service Technicians translates to one thing: better quality of service. Experienced Service Advisors know exactly what questions to ask their customers so they can effectively articulate a customer’s service needs to their Service Technician. Similarly, experienced Service Technicians know how to efficiently diagnose and correct problems, and clearly relay that information to the Service Advisor. The customer always wins when an experienced advisor works with an experienced technician, because the customer remains informed and knows exactly what’s going on with their vehicle and exactly what type of work, if any, needs to be performed.

There’s simply no substitute for experience. When you choose Cole European for your service needs, you can be sure you’re receiving top-quality care performed by experienced professionals.

The Intersection of Luxury and Adventure

For decades Range Rover has created superior luxury SUVs with the off-road capabilities ready to take you anywhere. Since the first Range Rover debuted in 1970, Range Rover designers and engineers have gone on to develop a four-member Range Rover family. Most recently they introduced the stunning Range Rover Velar to the world that’ll go on sale later this year.

While we eagerly anticipate seeing the Velar on US roads, let’s take a moment to look back at Range Rover’s 47 year history of design elegance and thirst for adventure.

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Take Adventure to the Next Level

Register for a Land Rover Experience Tour for the chance to embark on an unforgettable Peruvian journey from behind the wheel of a Land Rover. To qualify for the Tour, you first must complete a Land Rover Qualification Trial at a Land Rover Experience Center. Participants who complete the Qualification Trial with top times and high levels of accuracy will be invited on the Land Rover Experience Tour in Peru.

But even if you aren’t selected for the Peruvian adventure, a visit to a Land Rover Experience Center is an adventure in itself. Located in Carmel, California’s Land Rover Experience Center challenges participants to hill climbs, log crossings, and rock crawls on 4,000 acres of rugged terrain. Ready for an afternoon packed with adventure?

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Sportscar Vintage Racing

Jaguar is the proud sponsor and official vehicle of the Sportscar Vintage Racing Association (SVRA)—the best place for race community news, upcoming events, and car shows. In September, Jaguar presents the 2017 U.S. Vintage Grand Prix at Watkins Glen International in New York. This 5-day event, includes many well-known marques on the track, including vintage Jaguar models. Plus, onsite will be a selection of new Jaguar performance cars that spectators may race on an autocross course.

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6 Reasons to Choose Factory Authorized Service Centers

There’s a rumor going around that going to a dealership for service needs is a bad idea, because it’s more expensive and you can receive the same quality of service at a local garage. Maybe it’s less expensive but what you may save in dollars you may lose in quality. Here are six reasons why choosing a Factory Authorized Service Center is always a good idea.

  1. Specialization: Technicians at Factory Authorized Service Centers are factory trained and factory certified, which means they have received extensive training on the inner-workings of your vehicle, they know how to diagnose problems, and they know exactly how to fix them.
  2. Training: Factory trained technicians receive ongoing training on the technological and mechanical changes to vehicles. They won’t be caught off-guard by new smart tech developments or slight mechanical changes in model years.
  3. Informed: Factory Authorized Service Centers receive real-time alerts informing them of current recalls and service campaigns.
  4. Quality, Part 1: Factory Authorized Service Centers operate with advanced, factory-approved diagnostic equipment.
  5. Quality, Part 2: At a Factory Authorized Service Center you can be sure your vehicle is fitted with genuine factory parts that were designed for your vehicle.
  6. Shared Interest: Factory trained service technicians want to give you the best service experience possible because they love Jaguars and Land Rovers too.

When your Jaguar or Land Rover needs service, head to Cole European—we’re factory authorized and committed to serving you.

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Protect your vehicle’s interior with all-weather floor mats. Designed to fit your vehicle, all-weather floor mats are the best defense against what lies beneath…our shoes. After a hike in the mountains, a day at the beach, or a stroll down city streets, it’ll be easy to shake off and wipe away mud, sand, and dirt. Don’t worry about where you travel, enjoy the summer weather and all its great adventures, and shake off what follows you home when you get there.

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Special Offers

Buying a luxury vehicle doesn’t have to be a great expense. With the purchase of a VIP, a vehicle in process, you can drive home a new, unregistered Jaguar or Land Rover at a remarkably low price. VIP vechiles have received special factory incentives that make them available for sale at reduced prices. Right now at Cole European we have a line of remarkable VIP Jaguar and Land Rover models available for remarkably low prices.

Visit Cole European for the comfort of luxury at a price that’s right.