April 2019

This Earth Day (April 22), we re-pledge our commitment to care for the planet, to decrease our carbon footprint, and to adopt new ways to live more sustainable lives. As we seek to live in harmony with the world around us, we’d like to take a moment to acknowledge the eco-conscious Range Rover Evoque Hybrid and Jaguar Land Rover’s on-going commitment to produce sustainable products as part of their zero-waste goal.

Eco-Conscious Interiors
Drivers of the all new Range Rover Evoque may choose from a selection of responsibly sourced interiors, including the optional Kvadrat premium textile, which is made with 53 recycled plastic bottles per car, and Eucalyptus Melange premium textile, which is produced from natural fibers that require significantly less water when growing than other premium textiles. Beyond seating, the Evoque interior includes over 35lbs of recycled materials, which is used in everything from wheel arches to carpets.

Electrified Powertrain
The all new Evoque introduces Land Rover’s first 48V mild hybrid electric vehicle, which promises up to a 6% reduction in fuel consumption. Specifically designed for urban driving, this all-new, efficient powertrain lowers CO2 emissions by shutting down the engine when coming to a stop after traveling at a speed below 11mph. Energy is recuperated through its Belt-Integrated Starter Generator and then redeployed to reduce fuel use

Waste Not
As part of Jaguar Land Rover’s Waste to Waves program, plastics used for a vehicle model, which normally would have been put into landfills, are repurposed and turned into surfboards. Every Jaguar Land Rover vehicle starts off as a clay and plastic model, but once the vehicle is built and launched the model is broken down into waste material. Polyurethane, the material used for vehicle models, cannot be recycled but since it is the same material used in surfboards it can be repurposed.

Whether you start to carpool a couple day a week or plant a backyard garden, this Earth Day, we hope you commit to eco-conscious living and doing what you can to care for our planet.

One for the Record Book

Make that three for the record books. The all-new, all-electric Jaguar I-PACE is beautiful, efficient, and held in high esteem. Earlier this year at the Geneva Motor Show, the Jaguar I-PACE ranked in the top three for the main World Car of the Year award, the World Car Design of the Year award, and the World Green Car award, marking the first time that one car has ranked in the top three in three different categories. To see if the I-PACE takes the top slot, tune in to the New York International Auto Show when the winners will be revealed.

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1st Wednesday Street Fest—Returns!

Help preserve one of the East Bay’s most beloved open spaces and have fun while you’re at it—take part in the Diablo Trails Challenge and explore the beauty of Mount Diablo. From 50k to 5k, there’s a race distance and course for all types of runners and walkers. A portion of all entry fees goes toward preserving Mount Diablo’s open spaces and hiking trails. Mount Diablo calls on April 13, will you be there?

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Exclusive Tire Special

All month long we’re offering exclusive savings on name brand tires—save $100 on a set of four tires or $50 on a set of two tires. Tires are your first point of contact with the road and without sufficient tread depth, tires cannot grip the road’s surface, especially if it is wet, which can have disastrous consequences when you need to brake suddenly and stop on a dime. Check your tire tread depth today. If you need new tires, take advantage of this limited time offer. If you’re unsure whether your tread depth is sufficient, stop by our Service Center and meet with a Jaguar Land Rover technician and we’ll make sure your tires are ready to handle all seasons.

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Great for Camping, Great for Moving

If you’re planning a camping trip this summer or helping someone move, then chances are you’ll need some extra cargo space. Look to the roof. With a Bungee Cargo Net—made exclusively for select Land Rover models—you’ll be able to maximize your Land Rover’s cargo capability. The bungee net is flexible, which makes it easy to transport cumbersome and awkwardly shaped items.

Give us a call today to see if the Bungee Cargo Net is available on your Land Rover model.

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