January 2020

Gone are the days when a vehicle that’s electric also meant powerless. With last year’s debut of the Land Rover PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle), you can now have it all. Keep your 398 horsepower, go from 0-60 in 6.3 second and get incredible fuel efficiency as well as the ability to go all electric and curb emissions for the planet (and your wallet). With the Land Rover Range Rover PHEV you can still go off-road, it’s electric engine gives you additional, instant torque. But now you can also maneuver the city streets without guzzling an entire tank. Simply switch between Parallel Hybrid (standard operating mode) or Electric Vehicle mode and glide seamlessly through any driving situation.

Think charging is a pain? Think again. Jaguar Land Rover electric capable vehicles come standard with an easy to use wall charge that fits any plug and have the option to install a wall mounted level 2 EV charger at home for super fast charge times. Or simply use the incredibly accurate navigation system standard in all Jaguar Land Rover electric models to find a public charger while on the road. It will show you all nearby charging stations as well as the most fuel efficient ways to get to them, including terrain and gradient information. Truly the ultimate in efficiency.

The Land Rover Range Rover PHEV expands the Jaguar Land Rover family of electric vehicles, adding to the award winning I-PACE all electric SUV which is the epitome of comfort, innovation and design. Whichever model fits your lifestyle, electric is the future, don’t get left in the dust.

Land Rover Goes to the Dogs

Yogi the Labrador lends a paw, literally, to ensure every Jaguar Land Rover meets the high standards you’ve come to expect with our vehicles. Yogi was hired to jump in and out of the back of the new Land Rover Defender while data was collected to replicate his paws’ impact on the rear bumper’s surface. This data was then used as a model to 3D-print a spring-loaded replica, dubbed ‘RoboYogi’, for abrasion tests to ensure every Land Rover bumper can withstand your lifestyle. Read on to learn more about the process, and Yogi.

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Terrain Response Off Road Driving Tips

Brush up on some safety tips, and learn how to use your Land Rover Terrain Response system in every kind of terrain and weather. Whether your heading to the mountains, the river or the beach, these handy tips on how to use Terrain Response when off-roading will ensure you make it back on the road after the fun is done. Be prepared, drive smart and do off-the-grid right.

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Escape Cabin Fever

Thar she blows! From January through April, Gray whales and dolphins are on the move. Their annual migration takes them from Alaska down to Mexico, passing along our shorelines in the process. This is a great chance to get out of the house and see some majestic sea mammals. Join a whale watching cruise, or use your all-terrain Jaguar Land Rover to get access to California’s amazing coastal bluffs and watch them from your own secluded spot. There are tons of great places up and down the coast, check out some of the top spots by reading on…

A Whale of a Good Time

What is SMART Repair?

SMART(Small to Medium Area Repair Technology) repair is a faster, more cost effective way to fix minor dings and dents on, you guessed it, small to medium areas of your vehicle. Using specialized tools, small imperfections can be fixed within hours, not days, and you’ll never see the difference on your paint job. So, if you somehow got a couple dings or scuffs in all the holiday kerfuffle, head over to Cole European today and save 10%.

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Double Duty Armrest

For those long trips up North, or down south to get some sun, strap in a leather-trimmed cooler/warmer box to your center seat and keep everyone happy and hydrated. This stylish drink caddy keeps drinks chilled or hot, depending on your preference, plus it looks chic and leaves room for two elbows to rest. Get it now for your Jaguar or Land Rover, and check out the other exciting new 2020 additions in our Lifestyle Boutique.

Get it for your Land Rover or Jaguar

It may be 2020, but that doesn’t mean the 2019 savings are over. We’ve still got a few new 2019’s on the lot and that means you’ll save even more when you buy this January. Get all of the innovative standards you’ve come to expect from Jaguar Land Rover, at a price you wouldn’t. But these deals can’t last and these cars are going fast. So come on over to Cole European in Walnut Creek and test drive your new Jaguar Land Rover today.

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