May 2021

As you may have heard, there is a shortage of the software chips used in new vehicles. It’s getting harder and harder to find the new car you want with the features you need most. Luckily, at Cole European, we still have a diverse selection of new 2021 Jaguar and Land Rover models in stock. Take advantage of low interest rates or competitive lease offers on new models through Memorial Day.

Have a car to sell? Cole European wants your trade-in! We accept all makes and models and offer fair market value based on Kelley Blue Book valuations. Upgrade your trade to a new Jaguar or Land Rover for a lot less, or cash out. Value your trade today! It’s completely free, and there’s no obligation to sell.

Hurry in, our inventory is going fast, and these savings won’t last!

Breathe Better Air

Jaguar Land Rover is developing new air filtration technology that can inhibit bacteria and airborne viruses by as much as 97%! This new HVAC system releases trillions of particles through the air vents that weaken virus and bacteria proteins. Allergens and odors are also reduced, and you can purify the cabin before you get in the vehicle. New models of Jaguar and Land Rover currently use PM2.5 filtration to help purify your air.

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Suspension – Ride Height Sensors

If you were ever curious just how suspension keeps you on an even keel, this video explains how the Ride Height Sensors work in your Land Rover. Whether going over uneven terrain or carrying extra weight in the trunk, Land Rover’s advanced technology keeps you upright, safe and comfortable.

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Outdoor Music is Back

Warm weather is here! And the Downtown Stages of Walnut Creek are open again for the 2021 season! Enjoy a variety of entertainment with local musicians, artists and more at four downtown stages every Thursday through Sunday. Have a talent of your own? Sign up for a slot to perform!

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Time for New Tires?

Road trip season is right around the corner! Ensure your Jaguar or Land Rover is up to the task with tires that have proper tread depth and inflation. From driving over potholes and snow covered mountains to scorching hot summer pavement, many factors can cause your tires to wear out and become more prone to a blowout. Avoid the headache and save up to $100 on new tires perfect for your specific Jaguar or Land Rover model.

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Click and Work, Play, Hang

The Click and Go system is a multi-use seat-back base that allows you to snap on different accessories. Once you add the Click and Go Base to the back of your front seat, easily swap between a tablet holder, folding table, hook or coat hanger. As we start to go back to the office and get ready for summer fun, the Click and Go system lets you easily customize your Jaguar or Land Rover to keep your cabin less cluttered and passengers happy.

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In addition to creating zero emissions, electric vehicles like the new Jaguar I-PACE qualify for up to $7,500* in Federal Tax Rebates. And in California, EVs are also eligible for the $1,500 CA Clean Fuel Reward*! Plus, you also qualify for a CA carpool lane sticker! Skip the traffic and cruise in the HOV lane whenever you please in your new, luxury electric SUV, the Jaguar I-PACE.

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