March 2022

Ever imagine scaling inclines or splashing through mud in your Land Rover? You know, doing things you always wanted to but couldn’t because you live in the city? Well, you can now.

Join your fellow Land Rover owners and Cole European community for California Owner’s Day, a half-day program designed to bring Land Rover owners together so they can learn more about their vehicles and experience the excitement of driving a Land Rover to the fullest.

The dates are March 27, June 12, and August 28. The location is the Land Rover Experience Driving Center at the stunning Quail Lodge & Golf Club in Carmel Valley.

The day begins with a light breakfast and warm welcome followed by expert instruction and an overview of vehicle technologies. Owners will experience driving their Land Rovers across various terrain. Inclines, declines, mud, water and rocks—you name it. Enjoy lunch afterwards and receive a Certificate of Completion and one-of-a-kind gift.

The duration is 4 hours and the cost is $450 for two guests. All you need is a valid driver’s license, comfortable outdoor clothing and footwear. If it’s a special occasion, let us know so we can make it a truly memorable day for you! Call us at (831) 620-8854.

Get to know your fellow Land Rover owners and the Cole European community at California Owner’s Day.

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The auto industry is going the way of software and AI—and Jaguar Land Rover is no exception. Last month, Jaguar Land Rover formed a multi-year partnership with NVIDIA, the leader in artificial intelligence (AI) and computing. Together, the companies’ software developers will create the world’s most advanced autonomous driving systems and services. From 2025, all new Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles will be built on NVIDIA’s software platform, delivering all kinds of safety, automated driving, parking and driver assistance systems. There’s no doubt about it: your car is now a smartphone on wheels!

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Keyless entry may be cool and convenient but it requires careful usage too, especially if you have kids or pets. Key points—no pun intended—to remember:

  • Never leave your key in the vehicle with children or pets unattended
  • Never double-lock your car if people or pets are in the vehicle as they may not be able to escape in case of an emergency
  • The activation range is approximately 3 feet from the door handle or tailgate release switch
  • The system may not detect the key if shielded by a device such as a smartphone
  • If you lose your key, notify a retailer or authorized repairer to obtain a new key, which will need to be reprogrammed to synch with your vehicle

For additional details, check out this video: Watch the Tech Tip


There’s a lot to do in Northern California—especially if you own a Land Rover. In addition to California Owner’s Day, the Land Rover Experience Driving Center at the stunning Quail Lodge & Golf Club in Carmel hosts an array of off-road driving experiences. Accompanied by an expert instructor, you’ll live—or rather drive—your Land Rover fantasy—whether it’s climbing a craggy incline or plowing through a primordial pasture. Lessons and programs range from one hour to multiple days. And when you’re done for the day, you can relax at the Quail Lodge spa or dine at Edgar’s farm-to-table restaurant. Are you ready for your next adventure?

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Traversing tumultuous terrain in your Land Rover? Just taking your Jaguar for a jaunt? Whatever you plan to do, check your tires before you go. They may be tough, but they’re not timeless. Make sure their treads are deep and they’re inflated properly. If you think they may need replacement, come in to Cole European. We have amazing deals on top-notch tires.


Your Jaguar may be cool, but it’s not immune to the summer heat. With the summer months fast approaching, you may want to protect your vehicle with sunshades. Easy to install, remove and store, these clip-in sun blinds—for side or rear windows—are the way to go, wherever that may be. And they come with a Jaguar-branded stowage bag. Now how cool is that!

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